How Often Should You Wait Between Teeth Whitening?

How Often Should You Wait Between Teeth Whitening

Getting whiter teeth gives people an extra boost of confidence and can even open up opportunities in careers and socially. However, many don’t know how to maintain that perfect bright smile, and some overuse whitening agents. That can harm your teeth.

Many people wonder how often they can get teeth whitening or how long they must wait between treatments. The answer depends on the type of whitening you use. At-home whitening kits aren’t as potent as in-office treatments so the times between treatments vary.

Check for Ingredients

All teeth whitening products have some hydrogen peroxide in them. Hydrogen peroxide is the active whitening ingredient. It is safe for teeth in small concentrations and most over-the-counter products have between 2 and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. That is the recommended concentration of dentists.

Some products have as much as 10 percent. Anyone using these whitening products should be careful to avoid damaging their enamel.

Products used by dentists in in-office whitening sessions contain between 25 to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. Dentists also use a light to activate the whitening gel. In-office whitening is safe because dentists know how to use these products effectively and safely.

In-office whitening sessions have guidelines of how many sessions are allowed and how long the patient is exposed to the hydrogen peroxide according to the concentration.

The typical time is 15 to 20 minutes of exposure with the light per session. That is the right amount of time to achieve a noticeable change of shades on the teeth.

Natural Products Exist

The market has many types of teeth whitening products today and that includes those with natural ingredients. This is a good option for those concerned about chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. Some of these products cost more than standard products but it could be a good investment for those who care about using natural products.

Guidelines for Teeth Whitening Treatments

Each type of whitening product has instructions for how many times you can use them and how far apart you can use whitening treatments. Some strips state to use them for three consecutive days to achieve whitening but then to wait a few months before using them again.

Dentists state whitening trays can be used only once a day at most and you should wait at least 24 hours before using a whitener again. The instructions are to remove the tray and immediately brush your teeth to remove the whitening substance. You should also rinse your trays and clean them with a swab and water.

Most dentists recommend not to use whitener consecutively. The general advice is to use them up to two to three times a week, depending on the product. Many at-home kits can be used for 14 consecutive days. Don’t use them beyond that or you could risk damaging your teeth.

You won’t need to go to the dentist for professional teeth whitening as often because the gel product is more concentrated and highly effective compared to the at-home kits. Dentists state the standard is to get a whitening session once a year but some people can wait three or even four years before they need another professional session.

You should always read the instructions on the whitener product for specific guidelines for that product. Since every product is different, each has different guidelines for use and how long to wait between sessions.

Don’t Try for the Whitest Shade

Many feel they need to get perfectly white teeth because that is the trend among celebrities. Yet, most people don’t have perfect teeth. Teeth are naturally a shade of yellow.

You can get a brighter smile that looks great without going bright white. The exact shade is something to discuss with your dentist because your desired shade may not be possible without damaging your teeth.

Teeth health is more important than looks so be sure to keep a balance in mind when deciding how you want your teeth to look. This can be an important part of your maintenance plan as are cleanings and exams.

Overuse Can Damage Teeth

Some people found that overuse of teeth whitening products damaged their teeth. The chemicals breached the tooth enamel and that can be an invitation to bacteria to start a cavity. Enamel doesn’t grow back so it is a permanent problem.

There are those who have used whiteners so much that their teeth appear translucent, which gives their face an eerie appearance. At that point, they will need restoration to bring back their dream smile.

Talk to a Dentist

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